who we are:

Pinksides is a women’s website,which is a corner  where we can discuss about  problems what every single female faced in their life.

Why pinksides:

Pinksides is not only a website but it is a place where every women find a solution of there confusions.  Every woman has some that kind of trouble and tensions and she cannot find a solutions near by. So just we do some efforts to clear all the queries what a women struggles to make her life more pinkish.

What we have for you:

 Pinksides is basically a blog website. Where we try really hard to serve the best. Today’s women deserve a that kind of information that expend there thinking. And make her updated to the latest. So we try to give  content that is instant, clear, tasteful and might we add, addictive with design that is quirky yet relatable. Producing sincere and verified content . It in the form of text or multimedia. From easy-to-do beauty hacks to quick recipes, we offer our niche audience base with expert-backed content from various subjects like food, fitness, travel, wellness, fashion, beauty, parenting, education, safety, relationship and every other aspect that possibly touches a woman’s life today.